OFTEC's comment on the CCC report 'Net Zero: the UK's contribution to stopping global warming'

May 2, 2019, 00:29 AM by OFTEC
Following the publication of the Committee for Climate Change report 'Net Zero: The UK's contribution to stopping global warming', OFTEC, the trade association for the UK liquid fuel heating industry comments:

"OFTEC is wholly committed to the decarbonisation agenda and since the announcement of the Clean Growth Strategy in October 2017, we have been working with industry and government to research and develop plans for a phased migration of oil-using homes across the UK from kerosene to 100% low carbon biofuel.

OFTEC CEO Paul Rose continues: "Given the demanding challenges of increasing capacity and decarbonising electricity generation, we believe the use of biofuels presents a significant opportunity to make progress in the difficult off-gas grid heating sector, while limiting adverse impacts on consumers.

"Following careful analysis of decarbonisation pathways utilising biofuels, OFTEC confidently believes our sector can contribute to net zero emissions from heat ahead of 2050. We will be presenting more details from our research at our conference in June.

"Before we can act, we need government to provide the policy framework necessary to support investment. The right regulatory support is critical to empower heating industries like ours to deliver cost-effective and convenient low carbon solutions into a competitive marketplace. Competition between low carbon technologies will result in better outcomes for consumers and more choice, resulting in a faster transition at lower cost."

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