FAQs about registration.These are commonly asked questions about OFTEC registration from technicians and businesses. If you have a question that is not answered here, our leaflet Your guide to registering with OFTEC may have the information you’re looking for. For further advice, send us your query by email or phone us on 01473 626 298.


Before registration

What are the advantages of being registered?

For installers, a big advantage is being able to self-certify your work through OFTEC in regions operating a competent person scheme for building regulations. Other advantages of being registered include an enhanced status within the industry and a range of discounts and other financial benefits. You will also have free access to marketing material to promote your business and you will be able to request help on technical matters from OFTEC.

For your customers, your registered technician/registered business status shows you have the relevant skills, technically competent, and work to recognised standards and practices. In short, for your customers it gives them confidence in you and your business.

There’s additional information on why become an OFTEC registered technician? and if you would like further details, email us or phone us on 01473 626 298 from the UK or 01 864 5771 from the RoI.

What do I need to do to become registered?

  1. Show you have the required minimum technical competency for the scope of work. To do this, you could take an assessment of your skills and competence at a recognised, independent assessment centre. You may need to complete training before you take the assessment.
  2. Apply to OFTEC for registration. Simply submit your completed application form by post or by email. We will also need the required supporting items like a passport photograph and copies of technical course qualifications and the applicable application and registration fee.
  3. Ensure the business you work for is registered with OFTEC. If the business is not registered, you will need to supply details of the business and show it has the required level of public liability insurance cover (£2million/€2.8million).
  4. If you are operating in England, Wales, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, provide a workmanship warranty for your customers. You can obtain an insurance-backed warranty through OFTEC Insurance Services, tel 0845 520 1360 or visit their website.

For more information refer to the FAQs below, review the information on how to become registered, or contact us by email or by phone on 01473 626 298 from the UK or 01 864 5771 from the RoI.

What are the different classes of registration?

As an individual you can be registered with OFTEC in any of these categories:

    • Service and commissioning
      • Oil pressure jet appliance, heating and hot water
      • Oil vaporising appliance (wet and/or dry)
      • Oil vaporising appliance incorporating heating and/or hot water
    • Installation
      • Oil appliance, heating and vented hot water system
      • Oil storage tank
      • Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems
      • Solid Fuel appliance installation (wet and/or dry)
      • Heat Pumps
      • Solar Thermal
      • Electrical Part P

You will need to provide evidence of your competence for each class you want to register for.

I am a sole-trader – do I still need to register my business?

Yes. To obtain full OFTEC registration and its benefits you will need to register your business as the legal entity, even if you are a sole-trader.

How do I apply for registration?

If you are not currently registered, visit our apply for registration page, to find out everything you'll need to do to become registered with OFTEC. If you need more information about anything, simply ring our registration department on 01473 626 298 from the UK or 01 864 5771 from the RoI.

How do I register my business?

For technicians to be OFTEC registered, the business you own or work for must meet the conditions of OFTEC business registration and also be registered, as explained in our guide to registering with OFTEC.

If you are applying to become a registered technician and you are the only technician or the first to apply, you can register the business at the same time. Simply complete the relevant sections on the application form.

How much will registration cost me?

The fees for registration depend on the number of technicians you are registering, whether business registration is included, the period of registration, how you pay and where you are located.

You'll find the fee information in our application forms, which can be downloaded from our apply for registration page. Alternatively, please contact us by email or by phone on 01473 626 298 from the UK or 01 864 5771 from the RoI.

How can I pay my registration fees?

There are various ways you can pay your registration fees to OFTEC.

  • Fees for annual registration
    • Must be paid in full at the time of your application
    • With online application you can pay by credit/debit card
    • With postal application you can send a cheque with your application, pay by credit/debit card or apply to pay by BACS transfer
  • Fees for 5 years’ registration may be paid in instalments during the first year of your registration period. To do this you will need to complete a direct debit mandate.

Alternatively, you can pay your fees in full at the time of your application as for a one year registration.

For more information, refer to the payment details that apply for your region in our application forms, which you'll find on our apply for registration page.

If you're unsure about anything, contact us by email or by phone on 01473 626 298 from the UK or 01 864 5771 from the RoI.

How soon will I become registered?

Registration can be processed as quickly as 14 days from the day we receive everything we need to process your application.

The certificate(s) and ID card(s) will follow when we have completed the required initial evaluation of your business. To know more about your initial evaluation upon first registering please download this helpful guide.

Training and assessment

Will I need additional training to become registered?

If you have a current and valid technical qualification you may not need any training if:

  • your skills are up to date
  • you follow industry regulations and best practices
  • you are familiar with current technology and techniques for the type of work you want to become registered for.

However, if you plan to take an assessment at an independent OFTEC-approved centre, you may feel better prepared if you complete training before your assessment. OFTEC-approved centres for training offer courses designed to help you gain the qualification you will need to support your application for OFTEC registration. You can discuss your skills and whether you would benefit from additional training with your local OFTEC-approved training centre.

What will I have to do for my assessment?

An assessment at an OFTEC-approved centre may involve both practical and theory tests administered by an assessor who has not been involved with your training.

There are two types of assessment:

  1. Theory only – multiple choice questions
  2. Theory and practical assessment

During theory assessment, you can refer to OFTEC technical books and other reference materials.

During a practical assessment, an OFTEC approved assessor will observe you undertaking practical activities on appliances and equipment.

When you have completed the assessment satisfactorily, an independent certification body will issue a certificate of achievement to you.

Who will assess me?

If you take an assessment at an OFTEC approved centre, you will be assessed by an approved assessor. You cannot be assessed by the person who trains you, and you are not allowed to take your assessment on equipment that you have trained on.

Certificates of achievement are issued by independent certification bodies accredited to the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17024 via UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) or another equivalent approved body.

Where do assessments take place?

You will need to go to one of the OFTEC approved assessment centres.

There are over 80 approved centres throughout the UK and Ireland, including some that are mobile. For further details please see our full training directory.

How do I arrange an assessment?

You book your assessment direct with one of the training providers in the list of OFTEC approved assessment centres.

How much will my assessment cost?

Assessment costs may vary between centres. To find the cost at OFTEC approved assessment centres please contact them for details of price and course availability.

After registration

How do I know when I am registered?

Once your application has been processed OFTEC will email you your registration number.

The next step is that your business will be evaluated by an appointed OFTEC regional inspector. To find out more about your initial evaluation please download this useful guide.

Following passing your initial evaluation you will then receive

•    A certificate for each technician registered under this application
•    A certificate for your company
•    An identity badge for each newly registered technician listing the classes of registration
•    Login information for the registered technicians only area of this website
•    Information on how to claim your offer with OFTEC Direct.
•    The OFTEC logo and its usage guidelines.

What can I expect at my initial evaluation?

New businesses registering with OFTEC for the first time will have a business audit from an OFTEC regional inspector within the first three months of registration.

The regional inspectors have a wealth of practical experience in the oil heating, solid fuel and renewable industry, and can advise on legislation, technical and business issues. For more information on what to expect during a business audit, OFTEC have produced an Information Sheet entitled “OFTEC registration your first steps" which can be downloaded from our website.

What is expected of me when I am registered?

When you register you are undertaking that you and the business you work for will adhere to the published rules for registration (R100) and will also comply with local building regulations and industry best practices.

You will also be expected to undergo regular inspections.

If you wish to maintain your registered status, you will need to renew your technical qualifications every five years.

If I am already registered and have taken additional qualifications, how do I update my registration?

To update your details with us you:

  • Complete our extension to scope additional qualifications form R526
  • Return it with payment of the additional fees and evidence of the minimum technical competence for this scope of work, such as a copy of your certificate of achievement

We will add the new qualifications to your records and issue the appropriate documentation.

Download a copy of the extension to scope form R526.

If I change company, can I keep my registered status?

If the company you are moving to is an existing OFTEC registered business, you can transfer your individual registration by completing a form and paying a small additional fee. Download the transfer of individual registration form R552.

If the company is not registered with OFTEC, the business will need to register with OFTEC for you to retain full registration.

How often will I be inspected?

If you are a new business registering with OFTEC for the first time, you will have a visit from your OFTEC inspector within the first three months of registration. This will be an initial evaluation of business procedures and competencies against the oil industry codes of practice.

Registered technicians and businesses will be inspected by OFTEC on a regular basis in accordance with the scheme rules.

You may lose your registered status if the inspector finds your work to be below the required standard or if you do not co-operate with the request for inspection.

What does an inspection involve?

An OFTEC inspector will contact you to arrange a suitable time to accompany you while you work. The inspector will have a badge similar to your technician’s badge but showing inspector status.

The inspector will observe that you work to the relevant building regulations and will use documentation applicable to the inspection during this review. If your work is found not to comply, the inspector may issue a 28-day notice for rectification of non-compliant work. If you ignore this your work will be considered below the required standard and you could lose your registration.

For further information about the inspection process please download this helpful guide.